Jared Konkle, Another Excellent Orthodox Singer-Songwriter

I was excited to discover yet another talented singer-songwriter (who also happens to be Orthodox) and have been enjoying his songs (which you can download from his Facebook Page). I’ve posted a few of his songs below. If you like his music, be sure to follow him on Facebook, and drop him a line of […]

New Orthodox Documentary: Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer

It’s not often that I have the pleasure of promoting an Orthodox film. Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer is a documentary that focuses on the Orthodox spiritual tradition as it is practiced in traditional Orthodox countries and, in particular, the practice of the Jesus Prayer in Orthodox monasteries. The film is presently in a pre-release […]

The Iconography of Aidan Hart in the Chapel Built by Philip Sherrard

I have been aware of Aidan Hart and his work for quite awhile, so when a Greek friend sent me a link to a site displaying some of his (relatively) more recent wall paintings in a chapel dedicated to the Protecting Veil, I was particularly interested to revisit his work. Of particular interest is both […]

Faith and Film

I’ve said it before, and it bears repeating: film is the medium of the 21st century. For better or for worse, people are simply reading less than they used to. As a book publisher, I certainly don’t suggest that Orthodox folk stop producing books. But it would be great if more Orthodox were involved in […]

Discover Orthodox Musicians and Music Resources!

One of Protecting Veil’s main goals is to support the international Orthodox artistic community. To this end, we have begun compiling lists of Orthodox artists (musicians, writers, iconographers, filmmakers, etc.) and will continue to expand these lists as time goes on. We’re pleased to announce the publication of our first lists: Orthodox Music/Musicians, and Orthodox […]