Art, Orthodox Mission, and Papadiamandis

Thank you all (Ken, as well as those who emailed!) for sharing your experiences. It was interesting and instructive to hear your stories. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts (and in the last post!), my personal experience was that non-liturgical art created by Orthodox folk played a significant role in my conversion to Orthodoxy. The […]

Why Did You Convert (or Revert) to Orthodoxy?

Since becoming Orthodox years ago, I have come to realize that there are many different answers to this question. In my experience, responses differ due to many reasons including differences in gender, experiences, as well as (though this is more difficult to prove) personality type. Because of these differences, trying to produce media that is […]

Christ is Risen! (And…Mount Athos on 60 Minutes!)

Christ is Risen! ——————————– Apparently, on Pascha Sunday at 7pm EDT, the CBS program 60 Minutes will run a 2-segment piece featuring some of the monasteries of Mount Athos. For those not able to watch or record it at that time, or those outside the US, it will be posted on the 60 Minutes website […]

The Orthodox Church Today: A Demographic Study of Orthodoxy in America

I had heard about Alexei Krindatch’s demographic study of Orthodoxy in America awhile back, but had never gotten around to tracking it down. In a recent conversation with a friend regarding the realities facing Orthodoxy in America, he pointed me towards the study. The 2008 study was performed again in 2010, and the results are […]