Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in working with Protecting Veil!

We are a very small enterprise with a tiny staff, so we have limited time to consider unsolicited submissions.


We are open to publishing work by Orthodox writers and artists in any media. Because we are a small outfit, we don’t have a great capacity for working with writers and artists to improve their work in preparation for publication. For this reason, we are most concerned that the work that gets submitted is mature, polished, and professional.


We only accept email submissions. We will not respond to manuscripts or proposals sent by regular mail.
Please allow at least one month for a response. If you haven’t heard back from us after one month, please send us another email (etc.).


If you have a book or other work you think might interest us, please first send a brief query letter describing your book/work. Please also include your qualifications for writing the book/creating the work, the projected word count/length/size, and when you expect the project to be finished.

Please send proposals to: proposals {at} ProtectingVeil {dot} com