Denise Harvey (Publisher)

The impetus for this post came after reading the About page on Denise Harvey’s website. Ms Harvey writes eloquently about the motivation behind the books she publishes, and about the Greece that she has discovered:

It is not at all that Greece has a monopoly of the ‘other’; in all cultures where tradition is still living there is the ‘other’, waiting to be disclosed to those who have had intimations of it and who have then gone in search of it. I think, however, it is a little different for us westerners, for, as Cyril Connolly remarked, ‘an affection for Greece seems to most of us now something we are born with’, and it is this inheritance which can give us an unexpected way-in to what has been described as ‘the other mind of Europe’.

As we near publication of our latest title, Greece’s Dostoevsky: The Theological Vision of Alexandros Papadiamandis, it’s fitting that we take this opportunity to thank Ms Harvey for all the assistance she provided in the preparation of the text. I think you will agree that without her generous contributions, the book would have been less wonderful than it is.

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