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Interested in Film or Filmmaking? Join the Orthodox Filmmakers Group!

I was about to start an Orthodox Filmmakers group on Facebook, when I realized there already is one. So…rather than start a new one, I’m promoting the one that I found.
If you are an Orthodox filmmaker…or even if you just like films and fancy yourself a patron of the arts, please check out the page, and become a fan!
One of the difficulties with being Orthodox in the West is that our communities tend to be small and dispersed. If it’s difficult to connect with other Orthodox, it’s even more difficult for those Orthodox artists in our midst to connect. The internet, of course, helps bridge this gap.
This is why I wanted to start an Orthodox filmmakers group. One of the chief goals of Protecting Veil, in fact, is to champion the cause of Orthodox artists, both ecclesiastical and otherwise. If you have any suggestions as to how to go about doing this, or if you know of an Orthodox artist that we should know about, please connect us!

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