Newspaper Article on Orthodoxy (& Troy Polamalu)

Please forgive a post on a football player. As most of you probably already know, Troy Polamalu is not your average football player. He is Orthodox and unapologetically so. Even better, however, is that nearly every article I’ve read written on Polamalu and his faith reflects a real humility and a spiritual focus. Polamalu, while at the top of his game and regarded as one of the top players in the NFL, puts very little emphasis on his career, preferring to speak about his faith and his family. The latest article on Polamalu and his faith however, published recently in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, is probably the best one I’ve read yet, as Polamalu has the opportunity to speak at greater length and depth about his faith. And this is why I am posting about a football player…enjoy the article…and Kala Christougena!

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