Tell Us What We Did Wrong! (Notice any Typos, etc. in Precious Vessels?)

As I (slowly!) make my way to publication of Greece’s Dostoevsky, I am also in the happy position of looking at reprinting Precious Vessels of the Holy Spirit: The Lives and Counsels of Contemporary Elders of Greece. I’ve made a bunch of tweaks to the typeface, as well as to many other things that most people would probably never notice (my hope is that the changes, though nearly imperceptible on their own, will work together to make for a more beautiful publication).

As I completed my tweaks, it struck me that now that I’m blogging (somewhat) more regularly, and many of you have been so kind in the past as to offer thoughtful commentary and criticism, that (if you’re anything like me!) you might have noted typos, etc. in Precious Vessels that could be fixed in this new edition.

So…if you have any typos you’d like to share, now’s the time! If not, perhaps now is the time to re-read Precious Vessels? 🙂 Regardless, I hope this finds you all well and inspired as we begin the Dormition Fast!

{Feel free to add typos in the comments below, or send them to: typos [at] ProtectingVeil [dot] com}

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